Night Watchman Crashes a Curtiss Junior

From Popular Aviation August 1931


Night Watchman Crashes a Curtiss Junior

CHARLES MURRAY, 20-year-old student pilot and night watchman at the Denver,  Colorado,  Curtiss-Wright aviation filed, was tired of staying on the ground. It was 5:30 a.m. and none of the officials would be at the field for several hours, and by that time the thrill of an early morning flight would be gone. The possibility also existed that the field officials would deny him the privilege of taking a   plane. Murray eyed a shiny new Curtiss-Wright Junior parked in the hangar.

“Who would be the wiser if I took the junior up for a flight and then put it right back?” Murray thought.

The sight of the plane was too much for the air-minded youth, and he pulled the plane out on the field and took off. The flight was huge success, Murry told Capt. Ralph Hall, the field manager until he prepared to land, AND THEN,,

Murray was within fifteen feet of the ground when he made a sudden turn, which caused the plane to nose dive. The youth crawled out from beneath the wrecked plane with a badly cut face and a wrenched shoulder.


Blakesburg Iowa and Brodhead Wisconsin

I spent parts of the last two weeks at fly-ins at Blakesburg and Brodhead.  The weather at Blakesburg was excellent with just the right amount of sun, clouds and wind.  The airplanes on display were outstanding and the sky was continually filled with action.

The second week was at the Brodhead fly-in.  There are a total of three Curtiss Wright Juniors based there.  We spent one afternoon gathered in a hangar talking of the CW-1.  There were 5 CW-1 owners among us.  Maybe next year we will have 6 owners.  Consider joining us next year.

In between the two fly-ins, I spent some time at an interesting airport in Poplar Grove, Illinois.  There are many interesting airplanes based there.  There is a marvelous aviation museum there.  If you are ever in the area, make sure to stop by.  Poplar grove airport’s identifier is C77.