10923 (PH-AGZ) Photographs

    I received an email from Jan Evert Leeuw from Enschede, the Netherlands.  He shared with me a website that had a photograph of the aircraft.  Below the photograph is information on the accident that happened in 1934. He also gave me a website that had some information on the Junior.  It appears  the aircraft was owned by H.A. Burgerhout in Rotterdam/Waalhaven on 09/26/1931.  Subsequebtly sold to Mr. J, Van der Viet in the Hague.  Records show that it was destroyed in an accident January 28, 1934 in Heinenoord.  The engine was later used in PH-DSA which is listed as a Lambach HL.I 10001. Web site for this information is http://www.hdekker.info/registermap/TWEEDE.htm After viewing the photographs select here for more history.