N10900 thru N10950



N10900    Serial Number 1082

Airworthiness cancelled 02/16/41 Canton Ohio accident storm damage. (George Copland Archives) 

N10901    Serial Number 1083

Current FAA Registration.

N10902    Serial Number 1084

Registered 04/13/39 in Wood Lake, Nebraska.  (George Copland Archives) 

N10903    Serial Number 1085

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05/25/48 reported as junked while registered to Edwin L. Wright, East Dixfield, Maine. (George Copland Archives) 

I will grant you that this photograph only shows one wing of the airplane, but it counts.

N10904   Serial Number 1086

Currently located at Yanks Air Museum in Chino, California.

Currently registered as N10860

N10905    Serial Number 1087

Registered 11/01/36 in Ft. Pierce Florida to Roy Thomas and James F. Cremmins.  (George Copland Archives) 

N10906  Serial Number 1088

Registered 02/01/42 to Harold Pugh in Burlington, Vermont.  (George Copland Archives) 

N10907  (F-AZBR)  Serial Number 1089

Aircraft exported to France and now on display in museum.  Museum web site:    Curtiss-Wright F-AZBR “Bal du Moulin Rouge”

N10908    Serial Number 1090

Accident 07/15/39 while registered to Arthur R. Wiedinger in Peoria, Illinois. (George Copland Archives) 

N10909    Serial Number 1091

N10910    Serial Number 1092

Washed out 09/07/32 while registered in Columbia, Tennessee. (George Copland Archives)  

N10911   Serial Number 1093

Fuselage joined to N11873 08/18/32 while registered to George M. Johnson in Muskegon, Michigan.  (George Copland Archives) 

N10912   Serial Number 1094

Registered 07/01/39 Bendix, New Jersey to William A. Hartwig.

N10913    Serial Number 1095

Washed out 06/10/31 While registered in Spanish Lake, Mississippi.  (George Copland Archives) 

N10914    Serial Number 1096

Complete wreck 08/03/40 while registered in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. (George Copland Archives) 

N10915    Serial Number 1097

Last registered  to  Al Hopsom in Raymondsville, Texas. Parts were used to repair serial number 1140.

N10916   Serial Number 1098

Wind damaged fuselage 04/01/39 while registered East Greenbush, New York.   Engine serial number 900. (George Copland Archives) 

N10917    Serial Number 1099

Registered 05/01/41 to Albert C. Kolb and Frank Martine, Homestead, Pennsylvania.  Engine serial number 901. (George Copland Archives) 

N10918    Serial Number 1100

Accident 06/14/33 while registered in Scarboro, Maine.   Engine serial number 902. (George Copland Archives) 

N10919   Serial Number 1101

Cancelled 05/24/12 while registered to Joseph Welch, Waurika, Oklahoma.  Engine serial number 905.  (George Copland Archives) 

N10920   Serial Number 1102

Washed out 09/22/31 while registered in Newark, New Jersey.  Engine serial number 906. (George Copland Archives) 

N10921 Serial Number 1103

Wind storm wrecked 08/23//33 while registered in Medford, Delaware.  Engine serial number 912. (George Copland Archives) 

N10922   Serial Number 1104

07/01/34 registered in New York.  Used for an ice boat.  Wings destroyed by fire.  Engine serial number 911. (George Copland Archives) 

Crashed  01/28/34 in Netherlands.   Information from Aviation Safety Network.  Additional information from Jan Evert Leeuw. 


N10924   Serial Number 1106

Washed out 06/05/33 while registered in East Orange, New Jersey. (George Copland Archives) 

N10925   Serial Number 1107

Registered on 08/28/33 in New Mexico.  Engine serial number 918. (George Copland Archives) 

N10929    Serial Number 1108

N10930    Serial Number 1109

N10931    Serial Number 1110

N10932    Serial Number 1111

N10933    Serial Number 1112

N10934    Serial Number 1113

Aircraft spent time in Southern Illinois.

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N10935    Serial Number 1114

N10936    Serial Number 1115

N10937    Serial Number 1116

Aircraft spent time on East coast.

N10938    Serial Number 1117

Located as a rebuild project at http://www.ragwoodrefactory.com/aircraft/

This airplane spent some time on the airshow circuit in the late 40’s and early 50’s with Dave Binns in Ohio. FAA Registered currently. Aircraft Currently located at the Eagles Mere Air Museum.

N10940    Serial Number 1119

N10941   Serial Number 1120

FAA Registered Currently.

N10944   Serial Number 1122

N10945    Serial Number 1123

Cancelled 09/15/1935 while registered to Helen F. Cole South Euclid, Ohio

N10946    (8060A) Serial Number 1124

Washed out 10/20/32. FAA Registered Currently.

N10947    Serial Number 1125

N10948   Serial Number 1126

N10949   Serial Number 1127

N10950  Serial Number 1128