N11851 thru N12305

N11851 (11818)    Serial Number 1225

Last registered to John Hardy in Eliot, Maine

N11852  Serial Number 1226

Plane crashed Hardensburg, Indiana. (George Copland Archive) 

N11853    Serial Number 1227

4/14/41 plane crashed while registered to Henry Boyd Milligan in Beeville, Texas. (George Copland Archives)  

N11854    Serial Number 1228

Last registered to KD’s Lunchroom, Wilmont, South Dakota 

N11855    Serial Number 1229

No 10/16/34 Airworthiness cancelled due to accident.  Registered to Jack E. Weilner in El Paso, Texas. 

N11856   Serial Number 1230

041/13/33 washed out while registered to Reading Airways, Reading, Pennsylvania.  (George Copland Archive) 

N11857   Serial Number 1231

Last registered to Chet E. Brown, Warron, Minnesota.  

N11858   Serial Number 1232

07/29/36 accident (storm) while registered to JR Hudgins and Dennis and JE Beasley in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  (George Copeland Archives)

N11859   Serial Number 1233

7/15/33 license expired salvaged while registered to Reading Aero Club in Reading, Pennsylvania. 

N11860   Serial Number 1234

10/13/31 washed out while registered to Kenosha Aircraft in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  (George Copland Archives)  

N11865   Serial Number 1235

Registered 12/16/35 to HG Judkins in Marysville, Tennessee.  (George Copland Archives)  

N11866    Serial Number 1236

Last registered in Dallas Texas.  (George Copland Archive) 

N11867    Serial Number 1237

 Currently registered in Zanesville, Ohio 

N11868    Serial Number 1238

Exported to Mexico. Registration listed on Mexico Air Communications Bureau list dated 11.30/31.  

N11869    Serial Number 1239

Exported to Mexico. Registration Bureau list dated 11/30/31.  

N11870    Serial Number 1240

 06/27/37 accident whild registered to Herbert Brown, Evensville, Maryland.  (George Copland Archive) 

N11871    Serial Number 1241

Registered 08/15/39 to Louise A. Chamberlain in East Orange, New Jersey.  (George Copland Archive)  

N11872   Serial Number 1242

04/15/34 accident while registered to GF Thompson and WB Waggoner in Coronado, California. (George Copland Archive)  

N11873   Serial Number 1243

7/10/1933 accident while registered to George M. Johnson in Muskegon, Michigan. (George Copland Archive)  

N11874   Serial Number 1244

08/7/33 accident while registered to Cumberland Flying Service, Clarksville, Tennessee.  (George Copland Archive)  

N11875    Serial Number 1245

9/1/37 Destroyed by fire while registered to Joseph Burrows in Washington District of Columbia. (George Copland Archive) 

N11876   Serial Number 1246

12/5/35 Registration on hold due to lack of documents.  Walter Krause, Ormsby, Minnesota.  (George Copland. Archive) 

N11877    Serial Number 1247

04/08/48 retired from service.  Registration cancelled by Orville L.Davenport , Arnold, Nebraska.  (George Copland Archive)  

FAA currently registered.

N11879   Serial Number 1249

5/1/38 license expired while registered to Henry F. Kroll in Cordova, Alaska.  (George Copland Archives) 

N11880    Serial Number 1250

Located as a rebuild project, Ragwood Refactory, Jasper, Oregon.  

N11881    Serial Number 1251

SALE REPORTED- UPDATE TO FOLLOW >N11881 serial 1186 has been located at the Poplar Grove Airport in Northern Illinois. The fuselage has been reworked and the aircraft is now awaiting completion. The aircraft is at Taildragger Aviation. I have been in contact with Lorraine Morris and she has allowed me to use the photographs from their website. Let me HIGHLY recommend their website www.taildraggeraviation.com to get an idea of the restoration work they have completed. There seems to be a number of Cessna 140 and 150’s as well as a Spartan Executive airplane and a Spartan Travel trailer. (How many people knew that Spartan also built travel trailers. I did ’cause I went to A & P school at Spartan.) Also on their completed list is a Culver Cadet and, waiting with the Junior, an American Eaglet.

N11882    Serial Number 1252

05/27/38 washed out while registered to JL Price and VC True in Mansfield, Ohio. (George Copland Archives) 

N11883    Serial Number 1253

08/06/34 washed out Gillette, Wyoming. 

N11884    Serial Number 1254

04/25/50 scrapped while registered to Martin James Gawik and Gordon Arnold in Easton, Pennsylvania.  (George Copland Archive) 

N11885    Serial Number 1255

10/18/37 washed out while registered to Lee K. Searey, Odessa, Texas (George Copland Archives)  

N11886    Serial Number 1256

08/27/32 washed out while registered in El Paso, Texas.  (George Copland Archives)

N11887    Serial Number 1257

12/01/31 washed out while registered to John Jaenicke in West Chicago, Illinois.  (George Copland Archives)  

N11888    Serial Number 1258

Yesterday’s Flyers, Reno, Nevada  

N11889   Serial Number 1259

03/09/39 deregistered while registered to Frank M. Cook, Concord, North Carolina  

N11890   Serial Number 1260

See additional photographs of project.

N11891    Serial Number 1261

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N11892    Serial Number 1262

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N11893    Serial Number 1263

Currently registered.

N11894  Serial Number 1264

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N11895    Serial Number 1265

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N11896    Serial Number 1266

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N11897    Serial Number 1267

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N11898    Serial Number 1268

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N11899    Serial Number 1269

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N12300   Serial Number 1270

Shipped to Mexico 10/07/22.  (George Copland Archives)  

N12301   Serial Number 1271

Owned by Spitfire Aviation Club, Madison, Wisconsin 06/15/41.  Engine serial number 1161.  On 01/01/39 it had Sampson engine and Model 1 skis.  (George Copland Archives) 

N12305   Serial Number 1272

Last registered to Eugene Welch in North Dakota 03/30/48 (All information from George Copland Archives)  

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