Mystery 4 – Partially Solved

 Mystery 4        (Partially Solved – see below)

This one comes from Jim Bradshaw and concerns a relative and a Junior in the Shawnee, Oklahoma, area.  He has included two photographs and this explanation that should help. My research has shown a couple of aircraft that were in the Oklahoma area in their early life but have been unable to connect to Albert Shattuck Texaco Oil or this particular aircraft.  If you have any information or even “hunches,” email Jim and copy me.  Thanks…  Randy

The Texaco CW-1 at Shawnee, Oklahoma

“Albert Shattuck, a long time Texas Company Oil Scout, lived in Shawnee, Oklahoma between 1937 and 1939. During this time he took flying lessons at the Regan Flying School at the original Shawnee Municipal Airport. Regan purchased the Curtiss-Wright Flying Service in 1930, operating it until 1942

Shattuck is photographed  beside and then piloting a Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior with a Texaco logo on the forward section of the tail. The Tail Number is not discernible in our photo, which makes it difficult to trace. A long-time employee of the Texas Pipeline Co. does not think it was used for pipeline patrol, and we do not believe Shattuck used it in his work as an Oil Scout. It may have been part of the aircraft stable in the Texas Aviation Division (1928-1938).”

We would like to know if you have any information about this particular CW-1. Contact Jim Bradshaw at or this website if you can help.