N10951 thru N10999



N10951    Serial Number 1129

FAA Registered currently and based in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

N10953    Serial Number 1131

N10954    Serial Number 1132

N10955    Serial Number 1133

N10956   Serial Number 1134

Aircraft spent some time with Delta Air Corporation, Monroe, Louisiana. Cancelled 09/26/39 while registered to Raleigh G. Broussard Baton Rouge, Louisiana

N10957   Serial Number 1135

 Cancelled 07/24/1934 while registered to Orrie Haddox Oxnard, California

N10958    Serial Number 1136

Set altitude record of 10,989 feet one hour 45 minutes after departing Curtiss-Steinberg field. Lloyd Child was pilot and Karl White in passenger seat.

N10959   Serial Number 1137

Information from letter to Curtis Wright Corporation.

N10960    Serial Number 1138

N10961   Serial Number 1139

Airplane is currently registered and flying out of Iowa.

N10963    Serial Number 1141

Aircraft went to Canada and was registered as  CF-ARD.  Returned to the United States 7/29/31.  Accident 8/7/34 while registered to Samuel Tolly in Arlington, Illinois.  (Jim Ladwig Archives)

N10964    Serial Number 1142

This airplane is now on display at the Udvar Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum located at the Dulles Airport, Dulles, Virginia.  This photograph is the “before” photograph.  See the “Additional Photographs to see the “After.”

N10966    Serial Number 1144

Located as a rebuild project in Virginia.

N10967    Serial Number 1145

The photo is from the San Diego Air and Space Museum archives. It had previously been owned by Tallmantz Aviation and used as a camera platform for taking video “in flight” movie scenes. This aircraft is now located at Kermit Weeks “Fantasy of Flight” in Polk City, Florida.

This aircraft is currently registered with FAA.

N10969  Serial Number 1147

N10970  Serial Number 1148

N10971    Serial Number 1149

N10972    Serial Number 1150

FAA registered and located in a museum in Liberal Kansas.

N10974    Serial Number 1152

N10975    Serial Number 1153

N10976  Serial Number 1154

N10977 Serial Number 1155

N10978    Serial Number 1156

This aircraft spent most of it’s life based in North Carolina.

N10979  Serial Number 1157

Aircraft was operated in Wisconsin. This aircraft spent most of it’s life based in Wisconsin. 

N10980  Serial Number 1158

All I have is the photograph.

N10981   Serial Number 1159

N10982   Serial Number 1160

N10983   Serial Number 1161

N10984   Serial Number 1162

N10985   Serial Number 1163

N10986   (1098T) Serial Number 1164

This aircraft is listed on inventory of the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading Pennsylvania.

N10987  Serial Number 1165

N10988    Serial Number 1166

N10989    Serial Number 1167

University of Detroit Flying Club—In 1931 a Curtis-Wright Junior was purchased by the Flying Club for a new training plane. Until then the only other college flying club that owned and operated its own plane was
Harvard’s club

N10990   Serial Number 1168

N10991    Serial Number 1169

This aircraft spent time in New York and Pennsylvania.

N10992   Serial Number 1170

Photograph outside on Autrey Money hangar in San Angelo Texas.

Sold to Luther Reed on October 20, 1932.

Aircraft was listed as “Community Property” in a listing of “Real Property” of Autrey Monsey and his wife.  The notice was dated December 30, 1932.  Autrey had been killed in an accident involving N10998 listed below.

N10994  Serial Number 1172

N10995    Serial Number 1173

N10996    Serial Number 1174

Aircraft is currently registered and flying.  It is listed as model “BC Curtiss Wright.”

N10997    Serial Number 1175

N10998   Serial Number 1176

Involved in an accident on November 30, 1932 in San Angelo Texas while owned by Autrey Monsey.

N10999  Serial Number 1177