N11818 is for sale

Curtiss Wright Junior –  –  These little JR’s are getting pretty scarce. We forgot we had this one out in the barn so we think it’s time to let it go. Nice complete airplane albeit a little dusty. Continental 65, Armstrong starter, cotton cover still in fair condition. Hasn’t been out of the barn for a few years. Log books and paperwork included.



2 CW-1 Junior Projects for sale

I have been contacted by the owner of 2 Juniors.  N11803 and 11804.   He states that ” my father owns two Curtiss Jrs. Including SN 1182  and the other is the previous SN, 1181.  The latter is covered and is ready for an engine, it had a 65hp continental and has cub wings, and 1182 is just a fuselage.” You can call Mike Hanson at 312-547-9992.

Here are the photographs I promised.