About Us

My wish is to create a web site that is solely dedicated to the Curtis Wright Junior,CW-1 aircraft.  My attraction to the Junior starts back in the days of my youth when I saw a Junior at the Whiteside County airport in Rock Fall, Illinois (pictured below)  local airport fly in.  I got a job at that local airport during high school and ending up going to mechanics school at Spartan School of Aeronautics.  Upon graduation I went back to my local area and got a job as a mechanic.  Guess what airplane was based there? The same Curtiss Wright Junior.  I finally got a ride in it on a cool spring morning (It flew so we weren’t over gross,,,, right?) and is a flight that I will never forget.  Any time I could see a Junior in person or read an article about one, I jumped on the opportunity.

Unfortunately, my aviation career has taken me  a distance from the Junior, but my idea  is to use this site to reconnect and make up for all those years.

What I would like to do, is take the opportunity to converse with all the Junior owners and flyers.  I would like to hear and  record of all the flying stories and tales.  I would like to see all the pictures.  I offer this website as a place where we all can meet and share the “good old times” together.

Drop me a note, send me some pictures and tell me the story of your involvement.  I will include them here (only if you want) and have them available for all to enjoy.  Just email me : randy@curtisswrightjunior.com.

Enough about me.  Let me hear from you.