N623V thru N699V



First production airplane.  Originally called the “Skeeter” and was designated the CR-1.

N630V    Serial Number 1013

Aircraft spent time on East Coast.  Destroyed in fire March 6, 1937.

N631V    Serial Number 1014

Records show this aircraft registration was issued March 13, 1931. It was cancelled June 19, 1931 while registered in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania.

N632V    Serial Number 1015

N633V    Serial Number 1016

N634V    Serial Number 1017

These photographs sent to me by Jim Ladwig.  His father, Harold,  owned this plane.  (Jim Ladwig Archives)

N635V    Serial Number 1018

N636V    Serial Number 1019


This registration number was issued to a CR-2 serial 3002. Curtiss is issued a series of registration numbers, and they can issue them to a variety of models as they come down their individual production line.  This CR-2 was equipped with a 100 horsepower Kinner.

N638V    Serial Number 1020

Last registered date 09/19/1932.  I would assume that this not build date.  Registration was cancelled January 7, 1933.  Last registration was Gallup, New Mexico.

N639V    Serial Number 1021

N640V    Serial Number 1022

Registration cancelled 09/27/37 while registered to Albert Hagedorn, Hays Springs, Nebraska.

N641V    Serial Number 1023

N642V    Serial Number 1024

N643V    (N605EB)  Serial Number 1025

Currently Flying at Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum, Rhinebeck, New York. (Jim Ladwig Archives)

N644V    Serial Number 1026

Cancelled 07/17/1931 while registered to Continental Airways  Chicago, Illinois.

N645V    Serial Number 1027

Cancelled 03/15/1936 while registered to Vivian Morrison, Dixfield, Maine

N646V    Serial Number 1028

N647V    Serial Number 1029

Cancelled 03/15/36 while registered to Marvin H. Smith, Fresno, California

N648V    Serial Number 1030

N649V    Serial Number 1031

N650V    Serial Number 1032

N651V    Serial Number 1033

There is an indication in the records that this airframe was used to construct a homebuilt.

N652V    Serial Number 1034

N653V    Serial Number 1035

N654V    Serial Number 1036

N655V    Serial Number 1037

N656V    Serial Number 1038

This aircraft is currently registered with the FAA. 

N658V    Serial Number 1040

N659V    Serial Number 1041

Parts from N10979 used in the repair of this aircraft.

N660V    Serial Number 1042

N661V    Serial Number 1043

Registration was cancelled 09/01/1939 while registered to Louise A. Chamberlain in East Orange, New Jersey.

 The photograph and the following information was received from Alex Davidson:

“I got into historical research on the beginning of the (Curtiss) Essex airport Caldwell NJ  (KCDW). In the process I have collected some of the Curtiss-Wright Review Magazines.”

“The attached is a photo of one in front of the first hangar at Caldwell. It is either a 31 or 32 photo. The Curtiss- Wright Flying Service closed up in the fall of 32 and the sign, on the hangar,  was removed. It was then called Caldwell Wright Airport.” 

N662V    Serial Number 1044

Cancelled 04/23/31 while registered to James C. Grove, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

N663V    Serial Number 1045

I purchased this photograph, but have no information on history.

N664V    Serial Number 1046

FAA registered currently.  This aircraft is listed on inventory of Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania.

N666V    Serial Number 1048

N667V    Serial Number 1049

N668V    Serial Number 1050

N669V    Serial Number 1051

N670V    Serial Number 1052

There is a written note on a 09/16/40 FAA document that this aircraft (N670V) was assigned N671V on 3/10/82.  It now operates as N671V Serial Number 1052.

N671V    Serial Number 1053

On 03/10/82 Registration Number N671V is assigned to N670V Serial Number 1052.  (See N670V above)

N672V    Serial Number 1054

It appears this photograph was taken at a Curtiss Wright facility.

N673V  (8639E) Serial Number 1055

This aircraft is currently registered as N8639E.

N674V    Serial Number 1056

This photograph is all the information I have on this airplane

N675V    Serial Number 1057

N676V    Serial Number 1058

N677V    Serial Number 1059

N678V    Serial Number 1060

All Aircraft

The registration number is on the rudder.  This is the only information I have on this aircraft.

N679V    Serial Number 1061

N680V    Serial Number 1062

Bob Keeting on left and Bob (Unidentified) on right.

N681V    Serial Number 1063

N682V    Serial Number 1064

N683V    Serial Number 1065

Manufacture date 04/21/31.  Cancellation date 10/24/2014.  Reported on display at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, New York

N684V    Serial Number 1066

N685V    Serial Number 1067

Aircraft was washed out in a crash at Plattsburg, New York.

N686V    Serial Number 1068

N687V    Serial Number 1069

N688V    Serial Number 1070

N689V    Serial Number 1071

N690V    Serial Number 1072

N691V    Serial Number 1073

Aircraft spent all of its short life on the East Coast.

N692V    Serial Number 1074



N693V    Serial Number 1075

Last registered to Don B. Landers.  Cancellation date 08/11/35 Fayetteville, Arkansas

N694V    Serial Number 1076

N695V    Serial Number 1077

N696V    Serial Number 1078

Paperwork shows that it is powered by Lycoming 0-145

N697V    Serial Number 1079

N698V    (X-BAEN) Serial Number 1080

Registration listed on Mexico Air Communications List dated November 30. 1931.  Registration Number X-BAEN.  It was registered to Dr. Alfred F. Bishop in Mexico 02/10/36.

N699V    Serial Number 1081