Beech, WalterPresident of Curtiss Wright
Child, LloydTest Pilot CW-1 Junior
Copeland, GeorgeCurtiss Wright Junior ResearcherVery active researcher of the Curtiss Wright Junior from the 1960's. His research is often quoted on this website.
Binns, DaveAirshow Performer
Jones, D.L.Curtis Wright Test Pilot
Ladwig, HaroldAirshow Performer
Pressler, Dorothy1930's pilotOn August 4, 1931, Pressler and Capt. Bill Bleakley tested a new Curtiss-Wright Junior to determine the airplane's altitude capability. She flew around cloud formations, which boosted the craft for two hours and fifteen minutes, reached a height of 16,091 feet, and broke the previous record of approximately 15,000 feet for light-altitude airplanes weighing less than a thousand pounds. After landing, she discovered that because the India ink used in the barograph had frozen, her record was unofficial.
Piasecki, FrankDesigner of the Piasecki PV-2 helicopterFrank built the PV-2 using the fuselage of a Curtiss Wright Junior
White, Karl"Curtiss Wright Junior" designer