N11800 thru N11850



N11800    Serial Number 1178

Registration cancelled December 17, 2014.

N11801   Serial Number 1179

This airplane is under rebuild.  The wings are pictured in the photograph along  the hangar wall in Brodhead, Wisconsin

N11802   Serial Number 1180

Storm damage, total loss 02/09/39. (George Copland Archives) 

N11803   Serial Number 1181

This aircraft is currently registered.

Airplane is currently registered.   (Jim Ladwig Archives)

N11808  Serial Number 1183

Airplane is currently registered.

N11809    Serial Number 1184

Airplane spent most of its years in New England.

N11810   Serial Number 1185

Accident 1941 while registered to H. L. Mosher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

N11811    Serial Number 1186

Cancelled 04/10/13 while registered to John E. Hardy, Eliot, Maine

N11812    Serial Number 1187

Accident 12/21/33 while registered to Transit Flying Service in Clarence, New York (George Copland Archives) 

N11813   Serial Number 1188

Registered 12/9/1938 to Harry Hembel in Dover, Florida (George Copland Archives) 

N11814    Serial Number 1189

No 08/10/34 accident while registered to Alstrom C. Campbell in Barberton, Ohio

N11815   Serial Number 1190

Junked 7/35 while registered to AC  Fowler and CC McCann in Hurricane, West Virginia. (George Copland Archives) 

N11817   Serial Number 1191

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N11818    Serial Number 1192

The serial number connected with this N number is assigned to N11851.  (George Copland Archives) Deregistered 04/10/13.

N11819   Serial Number 1193

Demolished by high winds.  Motor not installed.  Registered to Fred C. Dunphey, Rensselaer, New York. (George Copland Archives) 

N11820    Serial Number 1194

Robert Kenneth Barr in Sacramento, California 

N11821    Serial Number 1195

Washed out 12/15/51 (George Copland Archives) 

N11822  Serial Number 1196

First Last registered to Harvey E. Marsto, Vallejo, California.  Used serial number 1199 from N11825 for rebuild. (George Copland Archives) 

N11823    Serial Number 1197

Dismantled 6/5/33 after accident.  Registered to Doctors Business Bureau in San Francisco, California (George Copland Archives) 

N11824    Serial Number 1198

07/15/38, 04/01/39 accidents.  Registered to Russell Neal and Trent Edwards in Lemoore, California.  (George Copland Archives) 

N11825    Serial Number 1199

Aircraft dismantled and same serial number used to rebuild  N11822 12/02/36. (George Copland Archives) 

N11826    Serial Number 1200

Washed out 09/03/38.   Registered to Victor Everson in Parma, Ohio (George Copland Archives) 

N11827    Serial Number 1201

 Washed out (George Copland Archives) 

Photograph  supplied by Sergio De La Puente from Peru. 

N11828    Serial Number 1202

03/19/48 Retired from service.  Registered to Ben and Leslie Chambers in Chouteau, Montana. (George Copland Archives) 

N11829   Serial Number 1203

04/15/48  Unairworthy.  Registered to Harry Small in Santa Monica, California (George Copland Archives)

N11830    Serial Number 1204

06/18/32 Washed out.  Registered to E.E. Mosley, Grand Prairie, Texas. (George Copland Archives)

N11831    Serial Number 1205

No further information is available on this aircraft.

N11832    Serial Number 1206

FAA registered and currently flying the Pacific Northwest. 

N11833    Serial Number 1207

Registered 07/16/48 to Paul A. Larson, Salt Lake City, Utah. (George Copland Archives) 

N11834    Serial Number 1208

04/2/34 accident while registered to Harold. F. Allen and Stewart P. Darrow in  Syracuse, New York.  (George Copland Archives) 

N11835   Serial Number 1209

02/15/39 certificate expired while registered to Francis O’Conner, Endicott, New York.  (George Copland Archives)

N11836    Serial Number 1210

03/09/32 washed out.  Registered to Ithaca Flying Service, Ithaca, New York.  (George Copland Archive)  

N11837   Serial Number 1211

Aircraft Currenty registered.

N11838    Serial Number 1212

12/33 accident while registered to Muskogee Flying Club in Muskogee, Oklahoma. (George Copland Archives)

N11839   Serial Number 1213

Last registered to George M. Ream, Rochester, Indiana.  .

N11840   Serial Number 1214

03/26/39 cerificate expired while registered to Louise Chamberlain, East Orange, New Jersey. (George Copland Archives) 

N11841    Serial Number 1215

12/1/39 certificate expired while registered to John M. Holmes in Reading, Massachusetts.  (George Copland Archives) 

N11842     Serial Number 1216

Rebuilt 06/26/40 while registered to Ron Hallin, Jackson Heights, Long Island, New York.  (George Copland Archives) 

N11843   Serial Number 1217

Last registered to W. Laymer Small in York, Pennsylvania.

N11844    Serial Number 1218

07/1/39 Certificate expired while registered to William K. Hargrve, Newport, Rhode Island. (George Copland Archives) 

N11845    Serial Number 1219

03/15/42 windstorm damage.  Registered to HC Small in Arlington, New Jersey.  (George Copland Archives)  

N11846    Serial Number 1220

10/22/31 exported to the Philippians.  Previously registered to CW Flying Service in Valley Stream, Long Island, New York.  (George Copland Archives)

N11847    Serial Number 1221

10/13/31 Exported to Philippines.  (George Copland Archives)

N11848    Serial Number 1222

02/12/32 exported to Venezuela.  (George Copland Archives)

N11849   Serial Number 1223

07/19/37 destroyed while registered to the estate of Frank Black, in Miami, Florida. (George Copland Archives)   

N11850    Serial Number 1224

Registered to Pioneer Flight Museum, Kingsbury, Texas. This aircraft is now flying.

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