Looking for Weight and Balance information

I received an email from long time CW-1 historian and owner of numerous Curtiss Wright Juniors over the years.  His assistance has been invaluable in gathering information for this web site.  His father owned N11804 and that story is on the “Aircraft” page. Any help would be appreciated.

  Hi Randy,

I am getting around to working on balance and trim calculations for the CW-1.  For almost 50 years I have had a used copy of the book Technical Aerodynamics by K.D. Wood, which features the CW-1 in many of the exercises, but I have not yet worked out those problems.

Getting a copy of the weight and balance sheets for existing Juniors would be of great help to me, especially those powered with the Szekeley engine.  I am trying to calculate how much nose weight is needed with a Continental engine installed.

If you can help, contact me at randy@curtisswrightjunior.com