N662V Serial Number 1044

N662V Serial Number 1044. This aircraft came out of the factory March 31, 1931. The last registration was in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1932. I have no photographs.   I am just going through, by serial number, and reporting on all the airplanes of which I have data.  Further information (if there is any) can … Read more


📌The next aircraft that I have information on is N661V, Serial Number 1043. The photograph and the following information was received from Alex Davidson: “I got into historical research on the beginning of the (Curtiss) Essex airport Caldwell NJ (KCDW). In the process I have collected some of the Curtiss-Wright Review Magazines.” The attached is … Read more


📌 N644V Serial Number 1026. This airplane was manufactured March 31, 1931. It had a short life as there was a notice in the records that it had been “totally wrecked” by June 22, 1931. It was registered to Continental Airways in Chicago at the time of cancellation. My research does not show any connection … Read more

Recovering from a flat spin

During early in the history of the Curtiss Wright Junior, there was an issue concerning aft balance problems when completing spins. Because of this safety issue, the Civil Aeronautics Commission (CAA) issued a bulletin that required the airplane be flown solo from the front seat. The circular also stated that if a spin was performed … Read more


I bought this photograph of N663V in an auction.  Unfortunately I have no further information.  Please help me fill in the history.  Do you recognize the aircraft of where the photograph was taken?  You can reach me at randy@curtisswrightjunior.com  Thanks,,,,, Randy

Major Henry J. Giere

I received the following email and photographs  from Michael Giere concerning his father: “Sir, I found your website and email address when I was researching a Memorial Day story about my father, a life-long pilot with over 19,000 hours, who was killed in 1969. I’ve enclosed a photo taken in 1936 of my father leaning … Read more

George K. Jehanian (looking for information)

Rust and Grease Grandpa’s Shop was a blog-post I found a couple of years ago. Apparently  the blog owner was the grandson. I have attempted to contact the owner, but have had no luck.  The grandfather had an automotive repair shop in West Philadelphia in the 1930’s.  His name was George K. Jehanian. It also … Read more


This photograph came from “Brownsville Station” Facebook site.  Their caption read: 1931  “1921 “Learn to fly for $100 (11 hours) in the New Curtiss Wright Junior.  Rides $1.00. Les Mauldin – Brownsville Airport’ written on a custom-made spare tire cover; his daughter Junita on bumper.  Photo taken in McAllen Texas. Thanks,,,,, Randy

Mystery 9

Here we go with the next mystery.  This one is in the form of a question:  “What major airline operating today (although merged with another air-carrier and now uses the other carrier’s name), once owned and operated a Curtiss Wright  Junior CW-1.   Don’t just guess, but have a rationale for the choice you make. Email me at … Read more

N11810 — This is an Interesting Story!

Below is a portion of an email I received from Chris Harbourt. Hi Randy, Great website!  I have a picture of my grandfather Leonard DeLalio on Long Island NY when he was the owner of this plane as a youth maybe 16ish.  Attached a photo and a picture of a model he made of the plane … Read more

It is about time

It is about time, Randy.  I have promised to update the website and add additional information.  I am now using a new theme and page builder.  I am trying to bring some color into this sites life. The major change that you will see is in the “All Aircraft” dropdown.  I divided the aircraft into … Read more


For those of you that know me, you know that I have recently retired.  I am sure your question is, “Why have not you updated the site, since you have all this free time?”  Good question.  I will be updating it some, but I am spending most of my web time developing a new Curtiss … Read more

Mystery 8

Select Mysteries and go to Mystery 8  Person above to see a photograph I just uploaded.  I received the photo with a number of others, but I am not sure whom is in the picture.  Any help would be appreciated. Email me at randy@curtisswrightjunior.com.  Thanks

634V Photographs uploaded

Jim Ladwig sent me some photos of one of his dad’s airplane.  Harold had once owned 634V in addition to 11804.  He flew 11804 on the airshow circuit in the 1950’s.  Go to “All Aircrafts” and select the photo next to the registration number for more information.  Thanks Jim.

Night Watchman Crashes a Curtiss Junior

From Popular Aviation August 1931 Night Watchman Crashes a Curtiss Junior CHARLES MURRAY, 20-year-old student pilot and night watchman at the Denver,  Colorado,  Curtiss-Wright aviation filed, was tired of staying on the ground. It was 5:30 a.m. and none of the officials would be at the field for several hours, and by that time the thrill … Read more

Blakesburg Iowa and Brodhead Wisconsin

I spent parts of the last two weeks at fly-ins at Blakesburg and Brodhead.  The weather at Blakesburg was excellent with just the right amount of sun, clouds and wind.  The airplanes on display were outstanding and the sky was continually filled with action. The second week was at the Brodhead fly-in.  There are a total of three … Read more

Classified Update

Project N11822 has been sold and listed as such on the Classified link above.  We look forward to seeing it in the air again.  Remember, there are still two more projects listed for sale.  Don’t miss your chance of buying one.


Ok,   we have another project for sale.  I have heard from the owner of N 11822 and he wishes to sell it.  Select Classified above for details and photographs

The rest of the “rest of the story”

In the last post I asked the following question; In the 1930’s what political event in the country of Venezuela concerned a Curtiss Wright Junior CW-1?  The fist correct I got was from Freddie Pedrique.  Here is his answer: YOU ARE  TALKING ABOUT  NC11848  S/N 1222 BOUGHT BY MR. MARCOS SARCOS  PORTILLO IN 1932. THIS AIRCRAFT WAS CONFISCATED IN VENEZUELA BY … Read more

The Rest of the Story

I always enjoyed the Paul Harvey programs called “The Rest of the Story.”  I have just posted Mystery 7 to the Mysteries link above.  It is not so much a mystery as it is a fact brought to my attention by one of our readers. The question is: In the 1930’s what political event in … Read more

Individual Aircraft Histories

I have gathered a lot of photographs and history on over 150 of the  Curtiss Wright Junior airplanes built.  To see those photos and read what specific airplane history I have found,  select All Aircraft link above,  find the registration number for the airplane  and then select the photograph or logo to the left of the registration number.  The history and … Read more

Video of N10962

I found this video on line of Chris Price and Paul Seibert flying around the Brodhead Airport during the 2012 Midwest Antique Airplane Association “Grassroots” fly-in at Brodhead Airport.   I am planning on seeing you two at “Grassroots” this year. Randy Select here to see the video.   

Uploaded photographs of 2 projects for sale

As I promised in the past post,  I have now uploaded some photographs of the two projects. I often get emails from viewers looking for projects.  Here is your opportunity.  Select Classified above and view the ad,  photos, and contact information.  Let us keep them flying.

2 CW-1 Junior Projects for sale

I have been contacted by the owner of 2 Juniors.  N11803 and 11804.   He states that ” my father owns two Curtiss Jrs. Including SN 1182  and the other is the previous SN,  1181.  The latter is covered and is ready for an engine, it had a 65hp continental and has cub wings, and 1182 is just a fuselage.” You can … Read more

N623V Information posted

I have uploaded information that I have found on the aircraft.  623V was the first aircraft built.  It is interesting to note that the first paperwork shows  that it is a CR-2 Skeeter and the Type is a CR 1.  It also show that the serial number started out at 3002.  There is a copy of a … Read more

10939 has a new home

10939 flew many years on the airshow circuit.  It is now at the Eagle Mere Air Museum in Pennsylvania.  Dave Binns flew this plane in the 1950’s on the airshow circuit.  I saw a photograph of it on their website and it is in its airshow colors.  .

Interesting Fact on N11851 Serial Number 1225

In going through some paperwork on Serial 1225,  FAA records show that for a couple of years (1932 – 1933) this plane was licensed “Experimental” as it was demonstrating the use of an  Augustine R-4-40 engine.  Elsewhere in the file, it states that it was a two-cycle air-cooled engine.  At that time it was registered to a Norman P. Augustine of Buffalo New … Read more

Unidentified Aircraft – Mystery 6

Mystery 6 is going to include a number of photographs that I am trying to find the registration number, serial number,  date of photo or place of photo. Select Mysteries above and then select Mystery 6 – Unknown Aircraft.  Thanks in advance.


Curtisswrightjunior.com is gathering any historical information that you might have about the Junior.  If you have any stories to tell, photographs to share or any other information, please contact me. Does any one know where I can get microfilm printed?  I finally found a reader at one of the local libraries, but it doesn’t print … Read more

New Photos for Mystery 3

I just uploaded additional photographs for Mystery 3 which was previously identified.  The photographs were taken at the Uvdar Hazy Center at Dulles International Airport. Select Mysteries above and then Mystery 3. 

Curtiss Wright Junior project for sale — Make Offer

Received the following information from Nick Crate about a project that is for sale. Select the Classified above to see photographs.  Tell him you found it on curtisswrightjunior.com 1931 CURTISS JUNIOR CW-1    GOTTA SELL IT Pusher project.  Really nice fuselage, tail feathers.  Misc parts with current paperwork Make offer – Contact Nick Crate  704-954-0059