N10998 and N10993 History

Recently, I received an email from Bob Woods. He found curtisswrightjunior.com while searching for information on the CW-1.  He was researching his grandfather,  Autrey Monsey, who lived in San Angelo, Texas. His grandfather and another man named Truitt Young were killed in the wreck in N10998 on November 20, 1932. He sent me copies of the death certificate, which gave a narrative of the accident. He also sent a copy of an estate inventory that shows that Autrey owned two aircraft. In addition to the 10998, serial number 1176, that was wrecked, he owned 10993, serial number 1171. Also  provided to me was a court document that reveals that 10993 was sold to Luther Reed on October 20, 1933, for a sum of $150 with an interesting stipulation: “… as a part of the consideration for the sale of such aeroplane that the same will be put into licensable condition by the purchaser within six months of this date …”

Thanks for the information, Bob.  Because of you, we have information on two more aircraft.