New research information included on

Last Thursday, I received an extensive collection of research papers from George Copland of Duncan, Oklahoma.  I spent most of the weekend digesting the material and only read through a portion of it. George has completed quite a bit of research on the Curtiss Wright Junior and entrusted me with his data.  His study included correspondence from many of the owners of the Juniors from 50 or so years ago.  He spent a lot of time at the FAA records center in Oklahoma City, reviewing their records.  He identified many of the aircraft, and I took his research and added it to the aircraft included on the serial number page of this website.  With his serial number list and what I have found,  we have identified about 130 individual airplanes by registration and serial number. Unfortunately, many of them are no longer with us.  Click on the “Serial Numbers” link at the left and see what we have identified.  By looking at the color codes, you will find some of what we know of their history. If you know what has happened to any of the others, I would appreciate any information you would like to share.

More later about what I found in his research.