George K. Jehanian (looking for information)

Rust and Grease Grandpa’s Shop was a blog-post I found a couple of years ago. Apparently  the blog owner was the grandson. I have attempted to contact the owner, but have had no luck.  The grandfather had an automotive repair shop in West Philadelphia in the 1930’s.  His name was George K. Jehanian.

It also appears that he was the owner of one of the Curtiss Wright Junior’s.  Attached are a couple of photo’s from Rust and Grease.  Any information you might have would be appreciated.

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This photograph came from “Brownsville Station” Facebook site.  Their caption read: 1931  “1921 “Learn to fly for $100 (11 hours) in the New Curtiss Wright Junior.  Rides $1.00. Les Mauldin – Brownsville Airport’ written on a custom-made spare tire cover; his daughter Junita on bumper.  Photo taken in McAllen Texas.

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Mystery 9

Here we go with the next mystery.  This one is in the form of a question:

 “What major airline operating today (although merged with another air-carrier and now uses the other carrier’s name), once owned and operated a Curtiss Wright  Junior CW-1.  

Don’t just guess, but have a rationale for the choice you make.

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N11810 — This is an Interesting Story!

Below is a portion of an email I received from Chris Harbourt.

Hi Randy,
Great website!  I have a picture of my grandfather Leonard DeLalio on
Long Island NY when he was the owner of this plane as a youth maybe
16ish.  Attached a photo and a picture of a model he made of the plane
later in life.  Your records showed it was lost to fire in the 40’s
with a different owner, but here is a picture of that airframe earlier
in its life.

Thanks Chris, for your story and the photographs of your father and his model. 

If anyone else would have something to share, please email me


It is about time

It is about time, Randy.  I have promised to update the website and add additional information.  I am now using a new theme and page builder.  I am trying to bring some color into this sites life.

The major change that you will see is in the “All Aircraft” dropdown.  I divided the aircraft into 5 different sections by Registration Number.  It should help in page loading speeds.  

I am still loading information into the “History” and “Photograph” selection for each of the airplanes.  

I am still looking for any information that you might have.  Send it to

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